Our path towards sustainable development

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar for Sinflex. which has long implemented a policy of improvement of its quality standards and attention to the environment as well as the reduction of the environmental impact.
Since 2020 Sinflex has been a pioneer in promoting the use of metallic polyester yarns from recycled raw materials within its collection.
Thanks to the ability to carry out all the processing phases for the creation of lame yarns internally, Sinflex actively contributes to the protection of the environment through considerable savings in electricity, water and the elimination of harmful chemical dyes.
By orienting itself towards the green economy, it seeks to reduce as much as possible the damage that can be caused to the environment by non-optimal waste management. Waste mainly consisting of paper and cardboard, plastic and textile fiber waste derives from production and warehousing: these are managed with separate collection and are recovered and disposed of through a specialized company in line with the provisions of current legislation.

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The company has also obtained the FSC and Ethic-et certifications and thanks to them, we can demonstrate to our customers that we not only produce high quality yarns, but that we do so with respect for the environment and the highest ethical principles. Finally, starting from 2022 the 130 kwh photovoltaic system came into operation which allows the company to produce electricity from renewable sources, exploiting solar energy.