Custom Collection

The care in the choice of materials and partner companies go in the direction of the philosophy that has always distinguished the Sinflex® collections and the Lovero Collection® garments: love for the quality and excellence of Made in Italy.
It is precisely from these two elements that Sinflex® has in the past launched a made-to-measure collection, designed by Luca Lovero, the creative soul of the company. The clothing line is represented by double-breasted coats (in fabric or fleece) and trousers for men and women, made by enhancing the characteristics of excellence of the Biellese fabrics combined with the skilful tailoring for a unique fit, as well as the taste of a classic but at the same time innovative time, elegant but casual at the same time.
To this line is added the creation of the first shoe ever signed by Luca Lovero: a high quality sneaker, embellished with details of excellence. The shoe is made of moose leather, handmade, with the Sinflex® brand hot stamped and with flames applied to the sneaker with double stitching in addition to the Italian flag that stands out on the outer side of the shoe.
The quality of the fabrics and the wearability are the pillars on which the entire Sinflex® collections rest, creating unique and timeless products.