In The Yarn Privè.

The spearhead of the production, around which the entire Sinflex® universe revolves, is lamé: the company acquires the plastic metal which it then applies to various raw materials, including the most prestigious fibers such as cashmere and silk. In 2005 the company started the ambitious project of creating “tailored” collections for its loyal customers.
To create the exclusive collections we work side by side with the customer, we follow every stage of the work with him, from design to the final product.
The decision to study the creation of private collections with customers represents the most appropriate response to the needs of the spinning and weaving mills that use the Sinflex® product.
To further improve this extraordinary exclusive relationship with those who use our work, a showroom has been created within the complex that houses the company.
It is an exclusive, reserved and welcoming environment where you can breathe the atmosphere of creativity and research that guides every choice of the company: the yarns created by Sinflex® are presented in this showroom, so as to allow customers to appreciate their quality and the beauty.

The Sinflex® team, led by the commercial and creative director Luca Lovero, is available to illustrate every detail of the creations, to listen to customer requests and to find together the most suitable solutions for their needs.

Our showroom is a place where research and creativity meet and are the basis of all our projects!