Curling Collection

Innovation and creativity have allowed Sinflex® to take on ever-changing facets, all united by the constant search for high quality.
The Biella-based company, specialized in the production of lamé and patterned yarns, has combined its production with a line of sportswear designed by Luca Lovero, creative and commercial director.

Sinflex® therefore proposes itself as a technical brand of reference for the world of sport, through the creation of exclusive items with attention to every detail such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, tracksuits and accessories, characterized by the registered trademarks 100% Biella® and Luca Lovero Collection®.

The flagship of the collections was the first line of clothing in the world dedicated to the Olympic sport of curling : among the main items was the curling sweatshirt, a high-end garment defined by the attention to details in relief and made unique by printed flaming, from the Tricolor, with fine finishes that enhance the combination of several materials.
The collection was first presented in 2007 in Fussen, Germany, during the European Curling Championships and then exhibited at the Men’s Curling World Championships held in Cortina in 2010.