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Online sale of high quality lamè lurex yarNs

Balls of lamè yarns workable with crochet, knitting and with knitting machines. Spools of yarns for embroidery.

Why choose Sinflex yarns:

  • The company internally carries out the entire production cycle, creating an excellence of the made in Italy yarn.
  • Guaranteed quality thanks to creativity and product innovation that combines with the fantasy of the color combination.
  • Versitile yarns also suitable for the union of other raw materials including fine fibers such as chasmere and silk as well as wool and cotton.
  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Fsc certified company: we implemented a policy of improving quality standards and attention to the environment with the maximum reduction of environment impacts.
  • Azienda "Tessile e Salute" certified company to guarantee the final consumer the safety and transparency of the textile product.

A brilliant yarn that evokes luxury and elegance

London Yarn Balls

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The balls of yarn are sold in boxes of 10 pieces. They are made of 60 % viscose and 40% Sinflex metallized polyester. An exclusive and innovative product. The lamè-lurex type yarn can be crocheted, knitted and with knitting machines, ideal for making sweaters, ponchos, cardigans, scarves and can be used in combination with other wool, cashmere and mohair yarns.

Spools of lamè-lurex yarn

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The spools are sold in practical 12-piece packs. They are made of 60% Viscose and 40% Sinflex metallized polyester. An exclusive and innovative product. Yarn for embroidery. Spool of lamè-lurex yarn, ideal for embroider and make customizations on shirts, tablecloths, scarves and accessories.

filati lame lurex sinflex



Lamè yarns can be used to crochet, knitting and knitting machines for the realization of scarves, sweaters and accessories. They can be used to embroider and create customizations and decorations that give shine to fabrics.


Lamè yarns are made of 60% Viscose and 40% Sinflex metallized polyester and they can be easily washed by hand.

simboli di lavaggio

filati lame sinflex



Sinflex is certified Fsc: a certification system that allows the final consumer to recognize products manufactured with raw materials that come forests managed correctly, from an evironmental and social point of view. Fsc was founded by a group of environmental associations including Greenpeace and development cooperation organizations to create an alternative to forest destruction.



Our yarns meet all the requirements and participate in the project aimed at protecting people’s health, guaranteeing the final consumer the safety and trasparency of the textile product. The Tessile e Salute association deals with eco-toxicology in the textile and fashion sectors by combining the skills of the public system with those of the textile, leather and chemical production chains.


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