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The New Show Room


Once again the choices made by Sinflex®, the Biellese company specialised in highly technological fancy yarns, are guided by the pleasure of innovating and confronting the market by proposing fashionable and at the same time highly qualitative solutions. The cutting edge of the production, which represents the cornerstone of the whole Sinflex® world, is lamé: the company acquires the metal-plastic fibre and applies it to different raw materials including the most prestigious fibres such as cashmere and silk. In 2005 the company started off the ambitious project to create tailored-made collections for its best customers. «This proved to be a successful intuition » says the sales manager Luca Lovero, who is in charge of the sales and product development. «Our customers appreciate our working policy, the continuous and special attention we show to all our partners. To realise our exclusive collections, we co-operate side by side with the customer following together every single production phase, from design to the final product». «In order to further improve this exclusive relationship with all those we supply, we have thought to create a show room inside our premises» continues Luca Lovero. «An office where we can show our collections and the products realised with our yarns which are the result of deep research. But above all this is the ideal place to talk, relax, think and confront». Luxury, quality, elegance and a touch of audacity are the characteristics of the new season by Filati Sinflex®. Particularly interesting is the new product “Sinflex Fresh®” with anti-bacterial treatment: the thread contains a durable anti-microbial technology that prevents bacteria, which cause bad smells, from proliferating. The luminous Sinflex® threads are enriched by these new properties to transform classical fabrics or more fashion knitwear, or still to become original accessories such as hand-bags, hats or mobile cases: touches of style and personality that cannot go unnoticed.

photo by Pier Giorgio Bassoli
Text from the magazine
by Marialuisa Pacchioni